About Scoreboard Media

About Scoreboard Media

The Scoreboard” is an independent online media platform registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Decree (RC1423796). It is a database of the political projects and programmes that have direct impact on Nigerian masses.

This includes the programmes carried out by Nigerian leaders and other well-meaning individuals towards the development of the nation. It offers a fair and unbiased assessment of the performance of Nigerian leaders as well as relevant stakeholders towards the welfare of the common man.

Our online television and news frames reflect balanced reporting as our reporters go the extra mile to ensure sincerity and fairness.
The Scoreboard” was established out of the desire to evoke good leadership in Nigeria by bringing the performance or otherwise of the key players to the fore, thereby challenging them to deliver the dividends of democracy in good faith.

Founded and managed by a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds (political, media and engineering), “The Scoreboard” uses project management metrics to give a technical analysis of the performance of Nigerian leaders and stakeholders.

Our automated assessment system calculates a leader’s performance as a ratio of his political responsibilities to his completed and ongoing achievements taking into cognizance documented opinion polls as well as the relevant political and environmental factors.

The performance assessment of leaders carried out by our platform has received widespread commendation from the masses and this has encouraged us to happily commit further resources towards this noble cause.


“To promote good leadership in Nigeria by providing an in-depth and fair assessment of her stakeholders’ performance”


“Good governance will soon be enshrined in the country through the selfless service of the leaders and the commitment and fair participation of the subjects.”

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